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Sailing Instruction!

Sailing Instruction!

Never sailed before, but you think it would be great to be the captain of a boat? With us it is possible to follow a handling course aboard our boats. The purpose of the instruction is learning how to cruise safely and responsibly, which means being aware of the relevant written and unwritten rules of the water.

Besides learning the rules, you will also gain extensive practical experience in handling your hire boat. An experienced instructor will also teach you manoeuver, mooring, casting off and moving away.


  • Increase in cruising fun and sound knowledge about the boat and rules provides a relaxing holiday
  • No more stress when passing through locks and bridges
  • Able to confidently approach a marina
  • Safe cruising

What will you learn?

The purpose of the course is to become in full control of your boat. Thorough preparation for your cruise should be to study the rules of the waterways. These rules can be found on our sailing rules page. The course includes:

  • Characteristics of the behavior of your boat
  • Manoeuvers in practice
  • Influence of the weather on your steering
  • Mooring and sailing away, working with mooring ropes
  • Theory and relevant rules
  • Practice in navigating complex areas and entry into harbor


Lessons take place on the day of departure; one lesson will last about 2 till 4 hours, but this is open for negotiation. The cost of a sailing course is € 120. Although this is not a diploma course, it is a good base for responsible and safe cruising fun.

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