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G.J.S. starts luxury yacht construction: Dutchess Yachts

GROU (NL) – Yacht charter owner Hans Willem Rienks (30), co-owner of GJS | HW Yacht Charter in Grou, has decided to expand his luxury yacht construction business to broaden its product range: Dutchess Yachts. The name stands for a very different line of steel and aluminum motor yachts that are not available from in stock, but can only be commissioned. “Try before you buy” is possible through its sister company GJS – HW Yacht Charter.   The reason for this new venture is the interest in the first Dutchess yacht, which was developed especially for Jachtbouw Nederland 2014. “Officially it’s a Dutchess Executive 47 demo ship used by GJS – HW Yachtcharter. We will also have a Dutchess Solide with aft cabin, derived from the well-known Vacance Solide, from a design by Jan Visser Yacht Design in Sneek. We now own the brand and the rights to all the four Vacance Solide models. In addition to this, on-site we are working on a unique aluminium fast-sailing cruiser with two 320hp Nanni Diesel engines. The 13-metre Dutchess Stanza will be able to reach speeds of almost 50 km per hour. The ship will have the latest on-board technology and a most luxurious finish including a high quality leather and teak interior.”
You can expect to pay around € 450 000 for the Dutchess Executive 47 – and around € 600 000 for the planning hull designed Dutchess Stanza. They are not series ships, but ‘custom built yachts’, made to the client’s specifications. The Solide models should cost between  € 300 000 and € 500 000.
Higher Efficiency

The yachting industry has been hit very hard by the financial crisis but there is so much interest in affordable, purpose-built custom yachts that you can try them first by hiring out before the sale. “We have space in our yard and workshops for all major repairs to custom-built boats, as well as refits and upgrades. We don’t need to invest any more in this. Our buildings for painting and installation work are more regularly fully-occupied. The demo models provide direct return because they are rented for 30 weeks per year. New luxury ships are in demand.”

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