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Sailing Area!

The extensive sailing area of Friesland, Groningen and Overijssel is a paradise for water-sports and boating. Here in the north of the Netherlands you will find the largest continuous Lakeland area in Europe. The variety of rural rivers, man-made canals and large, wide and peaceful lakes will provide a relaxing holiday.

The Sailing Area!

A motor-boat holiday in this area is an experience you will definitely want to re-live several times. You can alternate between the ancient villages and towns with their charming centers and the wide and peaceful lakes and canals! Sailing-boats cruise the lakes, motorboats quietly explore waterways and fishermen peer at their floats in the hope of catching a fish

The Frisian Lake District!

In the last few years a lot of work has been done in the Frisian Lake District. The network of canals and waterways has been significantly expanded in recent years, opening up a wide area for you. The Frisian lakes project has made dozens of routes more navigable; canals and lakes have been deepened, bridges have been made higher and the banks have been improved.

The vastness of the Frisian Lakes region makes it unique in its kind. The lakes are connected with each other through a continuous network of canals and waterways. Because of this, many villages are accessible by water, and some villages are actually more accessible by water than by road. The improvements make use of waterways which were once used as the main form of transport. You may have heard of ‘skûtsjes’ and ‘beurtschepen’, the barges that carried cattle, fish, wood or people.

Groningen – rich in Water!

Discover the Province of Groningen from the water. This is a province with picturesque villages and large farming estates. Groningen has a lot to offer in terms of nature, culture and history; all connected by beautiful waterways.

Visit the student city of Groningen. The ‘Oosterhaven’ marina is within walking distance of the city center and there you’ll discover everything Groningen has to offer. After visiting the center, it’s the ideal start to a journey through the Province of Groningen.

Groningen is surrounded by and connected to water. There are many reminders of the city’s trading history; the wonderful architecture of the warehouses, the Maritime Museum, the artwork under various bridges and in the other museums.

Overijssel’s Waterways!

The north of the Province of Overijssel is rich in its waterways with nature areas like the Weerribben and De Wieden. These nature areas are unique to The Netherlands. He who thinks of the North of Overijssel will probably immediately think of Giethoorn, lakes, ditches, bridges and islands. Cruise with your boat through man made moorland and enjoy the peace and nature.

A visit to Giethoorn, also called ‘The Venice of Holland’, is worthwhile. The canals, the typical arch bridges and the farmhouses with the thatched roofs give Giethoorn a picturesque appearance. Discover Giethoorn? Join a boat tour or go by yourself with a ‘fluisterboot’ (a quiet, electrically-driven boat), find tranquility in a canoe, walk and cycle over the bridges or drive through the nature area of ‘De Wieden’.

Sailing Routes and Tourist Information!

To help you as much as possible, our website has a separate section for tourist information and cruising routes. Here you can find more detail about villages, towns and natural areas. We also offer many route suggestions so you can really prepare for your holiday. If you have questions you can always contact us.



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