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Tourist Information Friesland

Besides so much water, Friesland has much more in store for you! With four national parks, consisting of vast meadows and pristine forest, you can walk through this impressive natural beauty. The historic walks give you an idea of what Friesland was like in the past; visit the old city centers and enjoy the beauty that Friesland has to offer!

Experience Friesland and the endless beauty of the Frisian landscape

Imagine; beautiful panoramic views, blue skies over green meadows and quaint towns with charming centers. View this section of our website and learn about the beauty that Friesland has to offer.

Network of Waterways

With the largest connected lake area in Europe, it is easy to explain why they say in Friesland, “If you like water then you’ll come to Friesland”. The vast network of waterways and lakes, the excellent facilities and beautiful towns and cities make it a unique water-sports area.

Friesland is the province that lends itself perfectly to be explored on water. Visit the marinas of Grou, Sneek, Heeg, Woudsend, Sloten, Lemmer and many others in Friesland.

Boat Charter in Friesland

What could be better than a private boat to explore the Frisian lakes? We can’t think of anything better and therefore we offer you the opportunity to hire one of our luxury boats to sail the Frisian waters. The G.J.S. Charter boats are modern, comfortable and with luxurious facilities. See our boats and the options on this website.

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Network of Cycle Routes

Cycling in Friesland means peace, space and freedom! With the network cycle routes in Friesland you can take wonderful cycling tours which combine perfectly with your sailing holiday. The unique, well-signposted routes make it easy to explore Friesland by bicycle.

National Parks

Friesland has four national parks; Lauwersmeer, Schiermonnikoog, het Drents-Friese Wold and Alde Feanen. Enjoy the beauty of a huge variety of landscapes and take a look at the wealth of plants and animals. In the parks there are more than 450 species of plants and over 100 species of birds breed there every year. On our site we have more information about the national parks.

The best way to explore some of these parks is by cruising, but they are also accessible for walkers and cyclists.

Take a look at the websites of the Parks: Lauwersmeer | Schiermonnikoog | Drents-Friese wold | Alde Feanen

National Landscapes

Friesland has two national landscapes; De Friese Wouden and Zuidwest Friesland. Unlike the rest of the province, the Friese Wouden is on sandy soil which creates an area of special character. As the name suggests, De Friese Wouden is a heavily wooded area which creates a culture different from the rest of Friesland.

In south-west Friesland the landscape is one of fields and dykes, villages and farms. The vast lakes and picturesque towns and villages suddenly turn into beautiful forests and then there is Gaasterland, a wonderful area formed by glaciations.


Friesland has a rich history and there are many remaining Frisian treasures. These can be found in the dozens of museums in the province. They vary from the larger museums such as Het Fries Museum in Leeuwarden, Museum Belvédère in Heerenveen and Het Fries Scheepvaartsmuseum in Sneek to smaller local museums. Of course, you also have to see the world famous museums such as Eise Eisinga’s planetarium in Franeker and the Jopie Huisman museum in Workum. The smaller museums and ancient buildings can be very interesting. What about ‘t Fiskershúske, situated directly on the Waddenzee? It’s a very special open-air museum where they maintain the memories of the now-disappeared coastal fishing and fishing culture.

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Tourist Information Friesland

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