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South East Route


South East Route
Sailing Time +/- 1 week
Sailing hours a day: 4/5 hours

Suggestions for spending the night:
1. Grou
2. Echternebrug
3. Blokzijl
4. Giethoorn
5. Steenwijk
6. Driewegsluis
7. Akkrum.

The South East Route is a route that will bring you to the beautiful countryside of Overijssel. You will sail through the wilderness, the Weerribben and the green belt “de Wieden”. Brilliant also are the Kalenberger Canals. Along the way you can moor in pleasant places such as Giethoorn, Steenwijk and Blokzijl. You sail through many narrow channels and rivers, with locks and self-service bridges.

G.J.S. – HW Yachtcharter
Jister 13a
9001 XX Grou
Tel. 0566 624062

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