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Harlingen – Frisian Port City

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The only Frisian Port City, Harlingen reaches the Waddenzee and is attainable via the inside waters. Thanks to its convenient position Harlingen became a rather big Port City. That is why on the charming restored warehouses grace names as Polen, Sumatra and Java. The wealth can also be traced back to the entire center where you can find about 500 monuments. Because of these monuments, walking through Harlingen is like walking through a  city museum. The monuments belong to the “Hein Buisman Foundation”.

The Center of Harlingen

On Harlingen shore you find the depart areas for the “Wadden”-Islands Vlieland and Terschelling. Because these islands attract many visitors, Harlingen profits and there are always people and there’s always a nice atmosphere in the center. Harlingen has a nice shopping-centre and you can also find a seat on one of the many terraces. You will find shops for clothes, presents and souvenirs. Also the bakery, the butchery and a supermarket are nearby.

Besides you will enjoy the many beautiful old buildings and gardens. Enjoy Historical Harlingen, its definitely worth the visit!

“De Vlootdag” (Fleet-Day)

Do you like those beautiful old sailing ships, nice food, traditional music and a fine atmosphere? Then visit the Vlootdag (Fleetday) in Harlingen. Between 12.00 and 17.30 Harlingen is Happening! The Vlootdag takes place in the southern port of Harlingen.

De Vlootdag is the festive grand opening of the sailing season for the ‘brown fleet’. During this opening, which has grown to a very big and fun family event, you can enjoy music of the many ‘shantykoren’ (sailors choir), delicious diners, a nautical market. Also there is the possibility to go aboard on the sailing ships. On both sides of the port there are clippers, schooners and tjalken ready to take you aboard. And like there isn’t enough already, there are also some ships available to take a small tour on the wad.

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